• 1 piece of burger meat

  • 1 egg

  • Your favorite hamburger bun

  • Fresh Lettuce

  • 2 Fresh tomato slices

  • 2 Raw onion slices

  • Maggi seasoning


  • Grill one side of the burger meat at a time until cooked through. Do not press them down with a spatula, you will lose the juice
  • Grill the egg without mixing it
  • Open your bun and spread your favorite Candelice on both surface
  • Put your meat in the bun
  • Add two (2) drops of Maggi seasoning (if you want)
  • Insert your grilled egg
  • Add your slices tomato and onion
  • Add Candelice at your convenience
  • Add your lettuce

Serve with our Candelice Garlic Sauce & Dressing! Enjoy!